vSphere 6.0 / 6.5 Home Lab Setup For Beginners

This area of the sit is dedicated to basic “how-to” guides for the newbie wanting to setup their own vSphere environemtn on their home lab in a quick and simple way  Whilst still understanding the processes and settings required to get something up and running correctly.

This guide builds a two node home lab based aound vSphere 6.0 / 6.5 so you can try out all the good stuff vSphere has to offer (vMotion, DRS, DPM, Standard Switches,Virtual Distributed Switches etc). Note:  This was authored around 6.0.  I have noted int he guide where things change for vSphere 6.5 I have made addendums to the posts.

All of the features talked about in these guides can be  used free by installing vsphere in evaluation mode.  You won’t require and trial licences or special keys to get going.

If you’re just installing ESXi without wanting a full homelab you can skip Part 0 where I talk about the hardware I’m using.

Part 0 – Do You Wanna Build a HomeLab? (Homelab Hardware Requirements)

Part 1 – Installing and Configuring ESXi (Physical host with USB)

Part 2 – Getting the Virtual Center Server Appliance (VCSA) running (chicken and DNS egg)

Part3 – Domain Based Authentication and Custom Roles & Permissions.

Part 4 – Virtual Distributed Switches & Migrating Networking (VSS to vDS)

Part 5- Turning on and trying out vSpheres cool features (HA, vMotion DPM etc.)